==Wade Odom==
Wade Odom played the role of Professor Pusey {Harvard Univ. President} in "THE GIRLS IN 509" in the year of 1966 at Tallahassee Little Theatre. A great spoof of politics of that day and age. Wade later was appointed 'Health Manpower Coordinator' by the Governor and did many 'live' TV interviews and presentations.. Odom has been retired several times, however, he has been called from retirement to coordinate government, high school and State systems and programs.. Odom considers himself to be a "Tuning Fork" (getting professionals to agree on common ground) for the betterment of our American way of life. He has participated in Local, State, and National Senior Olympics since 1998 along with his wife of 60 years (Jane). For those who remember Wade, he can be reached at in Baxter, TN.

*The Girls in 509 (1966) - Professor Pusey

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