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The Foreigner (2011)Edit

by Larry ShueEdit

Summary: Set in a resort-style fishing lodge in rural Georgia, the plot revolves around two of its guests, Englishman Charlie Baker and Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur. Charlie is so pathologically shy that he is unable to speak. As way of explanation, Froggy claims his companion is the native of an exotic country who does not understand a word of English. Before long, Charlie finds himself privy to assorted secrets and scandals freely discussed in front of him by the other visitors. These include spoiled but introspective heiress and Southern belle Catherine Simms and the man to whom she is somewhat reluctantly engaged,and impregnated by, the Reverend David Lee, a seemingly humble preacher with a dark underside. Her younger brother, Ellard, a chubby and somewhat "slow" boy (often thought of as a young Forrest Gump) is a simpleton who tries to teach Charlie how to speak English. Owen Musser, the racist county property inspector, plans to oust property owner Betty Meeks and convert the lodge into a meeting place for the Ku Klux Klan. (from Wikipedia)

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Production CalendarEdit

Audition Dates: Jan. 9, 2011

Performance Dates: Feb. 24-37, Mar 4-6, Mar 11-14, 2011

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Attendance - 2,256





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