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  • Susan Rimel (Steph) and Jonathan Burns (Greg) in "reasons to be pretty" (2012)
  • Jonathan Burns (Greg) and Jeff Hoh (Kent) in "reasons to be pretty" (2012)
  • Jonathan Burns (Greg) and Web Jerome (Carly) in "reasons to be pretty" (2012)

reasons to be pretty (2012)Edit

by Neil LabuteEdit

Summary: Greg's social circle is thrown into turmoil after his offhand remark about a female co-worker gets back to his girlfriend. When the couple's best friends enter the picture, the emotional equation becomes exponentially more complicated. As their relationships crumble, the four friends are forced to confront a sea of deceit, infidelity, and betrayed trust in their journey to answer the question: How much is pretty worth?

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Performance Dates: May 18-27, 2012

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Attendance - 285




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