New Works Showcase (2012)Edit

Summary: Unproduced, unpublished plays by mostly local authors. New Works Showcase aims to produce these plays either as staged readings or reader's theatre, giving the author a chance for feedback from both audience and performers.

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Little Nell's PlaceEdit

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Border TownEdit

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Trouble With ElephantsEdit

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Don't Dodge the OpposumEdit

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Inside the Teacher's LoungeEdit

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Cast - "High Standards"Edit

Cast - "The Committee Meeting"Edit

Cast - "Eh, Tu, Google"Edit

Cast - "Crossing the Line"Edit

Production CalendarEdit

Performance Dates:

  • Little Nell's Place - March 16 at 8 pm
  • Border Town - March 17 at 2 pm
  • Trouble With Elephants - March 17 at 2 pm
  • Don't Dodge the Opposum - March 17 at 8 pm
  • Inside the Teacher's Lounge - March 18 at 2 pm

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