Arts Advisory Council (AAC)Edit

The TLT Arts Advisory Council was formed in May of 2011 as a way of seperating the production/artistic aspects of the theater's operation from the Executive Board, which would shift it's focus to primarily financial and operational concerns.

The AAC is charged with several large tasks each year, including: selecting the plays for the upcoming season calendar, assisting with finding and coordinating volunteers for both production and house management, helping with education and outreach, and creating and maintaining a production manual for TLT.

Arts Advisory Council MembersEdit

The AAC consists of seven members (chairman, secretary, and five members at large), each of whom assist with various tasks ranging from volunteer coordination, to assisting with production, to education and outreach. The Council also forms the play and director selection committee for the next coming season. Members serve one term and may be reelected the following year, or appointed by the president of the executive board.

Innaugural members (2011-2012)Edit

  • Chairman: Lanny Thomas
  • Secretary: Chelsea Cranshaw
  • Member (Production Volunteers): Melissa Findley, later replaced by Ben Taylor
  • Member (Design Volunteers): Laura Johnson
  • Member (General and House Volunteers): Jim McMurtry, later replaced by Heather Brown
  • Member (Play and Director Selection): Rod Durham, later replaced by Marlene Dubois
  • Member (Education and Outreach): Barbie Nettles, later replaced by Randi Atwood